When you walk through the doors at 315 N 20th your world will change. You are greeted by a warm smile and if you look lost, you will get a "How may I help you?" If you aren't lost, you will see many of your friends. There are so many activities to do all day long. You will never be bored! If you haven't decided where to start, grab a cup of coffee, sit down and start solving the day's problems. You may start with an exercise class or volunteering. Then it's lunch time and off to play cards or maybe bingo on Wednesdays. Guess what? Your day is over and it was filled with fun and you will go home with a smile on your face. That's why I love the Senior Center!



My last 14 years of work was as an outreach worker at the Senior Center. When I retired, I was asked to volunteer in Home Delivered Meals services as a HDM packer. My husband had volunteered as a HDM driver for a couple of years. There are so many opportunities of service at the Senior Center. Last night, the BCSAP staff honored the volunteers with a special evening of appreciation. If you like volunteering, perhaps this is a good setting for you.
When I volunteer, I usually walk around the walking path and get some of my 10,000 steps in. There are many exercise, bone builder, dance, health activities to jump into. We have used many services at the Senior Center: Congregate meals, foot care, tax preparation, outreach services, Health Fairs, special programs. Come and enjoy the culture.

Darcy and Jeff Avery


After my father passed away, all I wanted to do was stay at home. I did not realize how much I spoke to him every day and I missed the conversations. I started coming to the Senior Center for the noon meals. I started talking to people, took a couple of classes, and before I knew it, I was volunteering. I once again felt that I was useful and needed. Now I come to the Senior Center every day to socialize and meet new people. Everybody is so nice!

Judy Kay


"Since volunteering at the Senior Center, I have been pleasantly surprised by the volume of people who come here daily. It is a fun, caring, very friendly environment for seniors to come for meals, socialize with others and engage in a wide range of activities. I love the atmosphere."

Gail Haywood


"What I like about the Senior Center is the friendliness and all the people who come here. I love to volunteer here too. This is a great way for me to get out of the house and socialize with others. The Senior Center is an important part of my life after retirement!"

Lillian Hunke


"I volunteer at the Senior Center every Wednesday in the gift shop. I come with my job coach from HIT. I love helping in the gift shop and it makes me feel good to help others. There are so many fun things in the gift shop and I love to sell a little bit of everything. It is a fun place to be."

Cyndyl Iron Bull


"I come to the Senior Center every day. I am proud to volunteer. I take lunch tickets and help in the coffee bar. The Senior Center keeps me busy. I do not know what I would do if I could not come here. I am glad that Transit can bring me. The Senior Center is like a second home to me."

Frances Miller


"This spring I have started watercolor and drawing classes at the Senior Center and what a joy. I signed up for the Watercolor Class because I have always heard it was the hardest medium to do. In this phase of my life, "why not" do the impossible. I left Nicole's watercolor class with a picture of sky, mountains, and yes evergreen trees, and even my granddaughter could identify all of the objects! Each January, I take out the sketch pad and drawing book and try to create what I see in a picture. Rod's drawing class gave technique of shapes, shading, and a new aspect in how I look at a tree, house and a flower in my life. I do hope that the Senior Center will continue to have artists like Nicole and Road present their talents and gifts to people like me who have found meaning and accomplishment in these lessons."

Cindy Ziemann Highley


"The Senior Center means everything to me- I'm alone. Made good friends here that care about me and I them. Good nutritious, balanced meals- I enjoy the activities, music, and parties. I would recommend to everybody and I have brought in friends to experience the Center."

Evelyn Bohrer


"Five days a week, you can't find a better noon meal, for the price, than at the Burleigh County Senior Center. It's as close to home cookin' as you'll get anywhere. The nutrition staff are not only efficient, but they are a congenial bunch. I've seen them serve over 200 seniors a savory, succulent meal in one-half hour! The Center offers more than good repast; E.G., an expert medical pro will do your nails like a high priced spa. In addition, they have a neat store, a library, computers, outreach services, nurses, as well as providing assorted activities to enhance the social needs of the senior crowd. A Senior Center side benefit is the wisdom and history most will share with others."

Jim Schulz