Burleigh County Council on Aging, Inc.

The Burleigh County Senior Adults Program and its governing board, the Burleigh County Council on Aging, assure that they will comply with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, (P.L.88-352). If otherwise eligible, no person shall be denied or excluded from participation of benefits or be otherwise subjected to discrimination due to race, color, or national origin. Any person, otherwise eligible who feels he or she has been denied service from participation for reason of race, color or national origin should contact: Renee Kipp, Executive Director, Burleigh County Senior Adults Program, 315 N. 20th St., Bismarck, ND 58501, 701-255-4648.

Staff Members

Renee Kipp: Executive Director
Darla Roggenbuck: Finance/HR Director
Brenda Helm: Executive Assistant
Liz Braus: Nurse
Nancy Theurer: Nurse
Deb Hausauser: HDM Coordinator
Rhonda Rath: Outreach Service Coordinator
Lisa Bennett: Site Manager
Cyndi Schreiner: Admin Specialist
Gail Haywood: Receptionist
Dean Bauer: Facility Manager
Lori Koth: Facility Maintenance Assistant
Aaron Sebastian: Facility Maintenance Assistant
Rod Barth: Data Entry
May Kramer: Chef
Reatta Christianson:Chef
Marlys Olauson: Chef Assistant
Margaret Ensz: Chef Assistant
Nanette Johnson: Site Manager, Crescent Manor
Phyllis Mehlhoff: Chef/Site Manager, Wing
Joan Dockter: Assistant Chef, Wing

Council on Aging

The Burleigh County Council on Aging meets monthly on the third Thursday at 1 p.m. in the library of the Bismarck Senior Center. The 2019 meeting schedule is as follows:

-January 17
-February 21
-March 21
-April 18
-May 16
-June 20
-July 18
-August 15
-September 19
-October 17
-November 21
-December 19

Council Members

Bernard Falkenstein, Barbara Knutson, Judy Froseth
Arlene Olson, Oscar Blaskowski, Tim Fischer, Barbara Fischer, Dick Weber, Marcella Knight,

Advisory Committee Members

Christine Emter, Quirina Schmidt, Wayne Sanstead
Tim Kilber, Verlee Snyder, Lugale Schirber, Mary Volk