The Burleigh County Senior Adults Program promotes better health and well-being by providing nutritionally sound meals, outreach services and health maintenance services. Call the Burleigh County Senior Center at 701-255-4648 to learn more about eligibility and how to begin services.

Nutrition Services

Congregate meals are not being offered at this time. In lieu of congregate meals, we are providing drive-thru meals Monday through Friday from 11:15 am to 12:00 pm at the Burleigh County Senior Center. Meals at Crescent Manor, The Golden Wing Club in Wing, and The United Methodist Church in Sterling are provided at noon. We request that reservations be made a day in advance. Menus are published monthly in The Senior Sentinel newsletter and on our website. Listed below are phone numbers to call to make congregate meal reservations:

• Burleigh County Senior Center ~ 701-258-9276
• Crescent Manor ~ 701-258-6646
• Golden Wing Club & United Methodist Church in Sterling ~ 701-943-2490

Home-delivered Meals

Home-delivered meals are provided to those who are unable to utilize our drive-thru. Eligibility for home-delivered meals is determined by our outreach services at Burleigh County Senior Adults Program. A person is considered homebound when one or more of the following exist:

  • Limited physical mobility.
  • Unable to tolerate a group situation due to physical or mental disability or substance abuse.
  • Remote geographic location where no congregate site existsl or remote geographic location that prohibits accessing the meal site due to transportation issues. 
  • A registered congregate meal participant who requests a home-delivered meal(s) due to a short-term illness or health condition for a maximum of 30 days. 
  • A spouse or disabled dependent child of any age who resides with an eligible participant, if it is the best interest of the participant. 

Outreach Services

The Burleigh County Senior Adults Program Outreach Services provides seniors, age 60+, and their family members with information, support and assistance in assessing needs and accessing senior services. Services are provided through home and office visits and telephone contacts.

Some common requests for assistance include finding home care services, financial assistance with food and fuel, transportation, housing and support through a difficult life transition. To schedule a free and confidential meeting with our Outreach Service Coordinator, please call 701-255-4648. Walk-ins are also welcome.

All staff of the Burleigh County Senior Adults Program are mandated reporters of elder abuse, neglect and self-neglect. Reports are filed with the ND Department of Human Services Vulnerable Adult Protective Services (NDHS-VAPS). If you suspect a senior age 60+ is a victim of elder abuse, neglect or self-neglect or if you are a victim of elder abuse or neglect, contact NDHS-VAPS at 701-328-8868. You may also contact our Outreach Service Coordinator if you need assistance in the reporting process.

Health Maintenance Services

Health maintenance is a combination of services that address the unique cares and concerns of aging adults. Two licensed nurses are on staff at the Burleigh County Senior Center to provide foot care, blood pressure screenings, and fasting blood sugar screenings. Services are offered at the Burleigh County Senior Center, Crescent Manor, the Golden Wing Club, United Methodist Church in Sterling, and in the home. The nurses' schedule is published in The Senior Sentinel newsletter. Listed below are phone numbers to call for health maintenance appointments:

• Burleigh County Senior Center or home appointments ~ 701-255-4648
• Crescent Manor ~ 701-355-7617
• Golden Wing Club & United Methodist Church in Sterling ~ 701-255-4648
     *Sterling Foot Care Clinic - April 28
     *Wing Foot Care Clinic - May 9