The Burleigh County Senior Adults Program, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, accepts donations, honorariums and memorials for our programs. Donations can be made for:

  • Nutrition
  • Health maintenance
  • Outreach services
  • Life enrichment activities
  • Or be designated to where it is most needed

If you are interested in making a donation, or have any questions, please contact the director at 701-255-4648.Thank you to the following for their donation/memorial:

October 2022

In Memory of Milton Brown
Jerry & Sharon Franklin
Carmen Fish
Joel & Karen Anderson
Arllis Brown
Leo M. Schmidt
Ordean & Helen Nygren

In Memory of Al Ternes
Richard & Bette Poppe

In Memory of Bill & Kate Woodcox
Jerry & Donna Woodcox

General Donations
Midcontinent Communications

November 2022

In Memory of Erwin Graf
Adrene Graf

In Memory of Edna Butz
Eldon & Linda Schlosser
Lori Koth

General Donations
Norbert and Sharon Mayer
Leonard and Carrilee Rohrer
Bismarck Eagles
Midcontinent Communications