The Burleigh County Senior Adults Program, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, accepts donations, honorariums and memorials for our programs. Donations can be made for:

  • Nutrition
  • Health maintenance
  • Outreach services
  • Life enrichment activities
  • Or be designated to where it is most needed

If you are interested in making a donation, or have any questions, please contact the director at 701-255-4648.Thank you to the following for their donation/memorial:

October 2021

First Presbyterian Church

September 2021

Loretta & David Upgren

In Memory of Ed McCarty

Sherleen McCarty

Bernie & Mabel Weisz

Loreen Bailey

August 2021

In Memory of Ed McCarty

Karen & Joel Anderson

Milton & Arllis Brown

Fred & Linell Hanson

Shirley Ryberg

Jay & Al Ehrmantraut

Colleen Preszler

Verlee Snyder

Virginia Beggs

Sterling United Methodist Church
In Memory of Margaret Brown

Madeline Heer
In Memory of Ron Anderson and Bill Snyder

Verlee Snyder

July 2021

Robin and Allen Schumacher

Steve & LaVon Delzer

Darlene Farrell
In Memory of Debra D. Grinaker

June 2021

In Memory of Norman Mehlhoff
Laura Mehlhoff

In Memory of Donald Kramer
Carol & Joe Huber

In Memory of Jerry Kluck
Andrea Kluck

In Memory of Arnold Stoner
Marlene Stoner

In memory of Dorothy "Dot" Preabt
Ameriprise Financial: Angie Schwartz & Team
Dale & Linda Thomsen
Tim & Shawn Preabt

Joanne & Greg Bavendick
Milton & Arllis Brown

Harold Karch

David & Loretta Upgren

May 2021

In Memory of Eldon "Eldy" Herman
John Maddock

In Memeory of Marian Schnell
Kara Steier

Claudia Steckel

Carol Peterson

April 2021

In Memory of Jim Ketterling
Shari Ketterling

In Memory of Ronda Kraft
Lorraine Atwood

In Memory of Dorothy Preabt
Norma R. Thompson

In Memory of Helen Rehn
Norma R. Thompson
Gerald & Cornelia Grothe
Jim & Linda Grothe

In Memory of Marcus Zander
Mary Zander

LaVerne Vernon

In Memory of Eldon "Eldy" Herman
Steve Goehring

In Memory of Leo Hoff
Jerry & Ann Bucholz

March 2021

In Memory of Dorothy Preabt
NISC Employees & Board Members
Bonny Fetch
Marshall Flagg
Louise Wetzel
Judi Johnson
Keith Cleveland
In Memory of Darrell McQuay
Laurie Reinsch
In Memory of Helen Rehn
Keith Cleveland
In Memory of Judith Hoffman
Jim & Linda Boyd
Tamara & Tim Uselamn
Wade & Cindy Anderson
Mary & Roger Volk
Burnell Berg
Daniel Yakubco
Tim & Sue Kilber

February 2021

Darrell Brackel
Doosan Infracore International, Inc. (Bobcat)
Terry & Elaine Pfaff
The Tom & Frances Leach Foundation, Inc.
Leonard Fritz & Ann Dammel
Bismarck Eagles Auxiliary #2237
The Alice Delzer Ewine Family
Linda Beach - In Memory Lenora Kopp
Kelly Franklund - In Memory of Betty Jo Zachmeier
Bob & Cyndi Albrecht - In Memory of Helen Rehn
Lorraine Atwood - In Memory Eunice Schneider
Vern Fetch - In Memory Dorothy Preabt
Kathryn Dietz - In Memory Dorothy Preabt
Marlene Summers - In Memory Dorothy Preabt

January 2021

Bismarck Eagles Auxiliary #2237
Sandi Axt
Sara & Elvis Miller

Arlene Olson
- In Memory of Marvin Schroeder

Keith Cleveland
- In Memory of Hazel Cleveland

Fred & Devona Browning
- In Memory of their Parents

Sheila Specht
- In Memory of Dennis Specht

December 2020

Dakota Media Access
ND Community Foundation
Bismarck Burleigh Public Health
Missouri Slope Area Wide United Way
Adjust Life Chiropractic - Dr. Joel Roloff
Wanda Peterson
Paul & Pat Schmidt
Brenda Rohrich

In Memory of Tom & Jenny O'Leary:
Marilyn O'Leary Lips

In Memory of Nancy Degner:
Geraldine Dutton

In Memory of Alwine Vetter:
The Heyne Family

In Memory of Freddie Freier:
Duane Mack
Doug & Kathy Rath
Karen Jorgensen
Carol Whiteman

In Memory of Leonard Schneibel:
Bernadine Schneibel